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Introduction to a series on blockchain.

This is the introduction to my series on blockchains and blockchain based technologies. It provides information about the motivation for, and presentation of the series. If you want to skip to the first actual article about blockchain, click here.

The accompanying video can be found here.


This series is intended to be a response to the misinformation and hype around blockchain and related technologies, and address questions like these.


In order to effectively answer questions like these, I intend to give a clear, logical presentation of these technologies as a basis for analysis. This will allow rational conclusions and discussion rather than arguments about the superiority of a specific technology that are based on invalid or incomplete basis.

I plan to deliver this content in text form on this website to provide a fully expanded explanation of concepts that is easier to refer to, and in video form to take advantage of other tools to make this content clear and accessible. This dual-format delivery will also allow people to choose their preferred format.